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Finding Courage

“The courage to walk up to a microphone and ask a question about the lecture you just heard.  The courage to go to your neighbor’s holiday party and mix with fifty people, most of whom are strangers.  And, the courage to believe in yourself so that you can pursue what you want most out of life.

“When courage wanes, you get nervous.  Your heart begins to race, you may have difficulty breathing, and you feel the urgency to leave the situation.

“Your hope has been to control the anxiety. You may have sought help in multiple ways whether through mindfulness and meditation, physical exercise, online relaxation courses, and professional counseling.

“But you still struggle.

“Every time that stress-producing event is at hand, the stuff you learned and practiced doesn’t seem to work.”

By reading Finding Courage, you will gain a picture of anxiety at the very beginning of its onset and its further development.  This perspective will not be from a clinical viewpoint, but from my own personal experiences.

Finding Courage is about discovering that the way to managing fear and anxiety is by surrendering to our inner voice and letting go of the external voices of expectations and perceived judgment.