The Jordie Reddick Series

A psychological, hard-boiled, and noir-leaning suspense series set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Born in 1970, Jordie Reddick grew up in a well-patterned life shaped by old-fashioned values and a storybook household on Mt. Carmel Street, off the Yard Way steps that reach high up the South Side Slopes of Pittsburgh. However, the decade of the ‘80s collided with global economies and within a few short years, the South Side, like the rest of the steel region, felt life collapse as the mills along the Monongahela and Ohio rivers shuttered operations and its furnaces and stacks transformed into relics.

Within this maelstrom of change, in the summer of 1988, Jordie’s sister vanishes, and when he seeks the reasons behind it, he discovers the ultimate truth—that evil reaches out to deliver death to whoever it chooses, and there is no place to hide, no safe place to seek. 

Years later, he’s a detective on the Homicide Squad in the Investigative Branch of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, and despite a city resurrecting itself with new waterfront developments, a vibrant nightlife, and a new panoramic vista of its three rivers, Jordie sees evil hiding underneath, and society’s unreliability in muting it. 

With an unyielding spirit and an unstoppable drive to find the truth, his mission is seeking justice for those who cannot, and to deliver just judgement when society fails.


Coming Summer 2021

Book 1 
Pittsburgh, July 1988. 18-yr-old Jordie Reddick grew up in an old-fashioned family where life unfolds as if read from a storybook until his sister goes missing and just about everything he envisioned as true turns false. Now, he must confront a newfound truth—the dangers of misplaced justice that allow evil to keep committing evil acts.
   For twenty-one days, Jordie tracks the man who the police ignore, and discovers the most horrible truths of a serial killer. As Jordie struggles to convince authorities, the killer brings Jordie into his sights, and Jordie is running out of time.