Hi, I’m Vincent Novak   

Don’t let fear and anxiety stop you from pursuing a desired lifestyle and achieving life goals.  Overcoming fear of failure, fear of what others might think, and fear of the unknown is the way to a healthy, rewarding life.

However, we all know that life rarely cooperates.

As adults, we may still deal with a dysfunctional childhood, anxiety disorders and related effects, failed relationships, significant business failures, and lost careers.

Where do you find the courage and the strength to overcome the mountainous challenges in front of you?

And, if you fail in your attempts, how do you keep coming back time and again?   How do you keep picking yourself back up?

At vpnovak.com, I share my experiences in dealing with all of the above.  The lows, the highs, back to the lows, and standing up once again.

This website is not about changing your life to earn a million dollars.  Although, that would be great if it happened.

This website is about purpose.  It’s about intent.  It’s about finding the courage to live the life you desire and not what everyone else expects.

You may find yourself earning a million dollars some day but that will only be because you found your purpose and you followed it with passion.

I don’t consider myself an inspirational figure.  And, I don’t think my personal story of overcoming challenges was an amazing accomplishment as some have suggested.

At the root of our challenges to achieve what we want is fear.  

The belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, suffering, and embarrassment.

We all experienced at least flickers of it and other times it’s a roaring fire.  But it’s only when we lose the courage to stare it down does it interrupt our life.

My primary focus is helping you find the inner strength and courage to defeat fear and achieve the life that you desire.

I believe the path to courage begins with discovering and connecting with a Source that resides within you.

I believe that my experiences provide an authentic voice to the realization that you are not alone in this world.

There is an energy force that you and I can connect with to control fear and anxiety and to rise from depression.

I believe that source of energy to be Divine fueled through spirituality and the existence of God.  For you, that source may be different.   It’s your journey and your personal discovery.

And that’s why I write.  To help you discover yours.


Thank you for coming to the website and wanting to learn more.  Please feel free to reach out with comments and questions via the

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I live and write in Raleigh, NC.  Besides writing and researching for vpnovak.com, I also have two book projects underway.

Cigar Smoke and Jean Nate: Experiences With My Deceased Parents is due summer 2018.  The book examines the journey my spiritual experiences that began by age ten.  I discuss the role of spirituality, angels, and God and their impact in directing my life and how they can affect yours. 

Where the Wolves Howl, a crime/psych thriller novel is due out fall 2018.  The book’s main character struggles with an anxiety and speech disorder that sends him searching for a new identity.  Unfortunately, that search takes him into the underworld of Philadelphia.  

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