Have you wondered what you’re supposed to learn from personal catastrophic loss? Or, how you’re supposed to grow from the experience?

Is there some hidden meaning behind the loss of a career, the lost ability to find the next job, the draining of all your finances, and the loss of hope that anything could ever come out of it?

I do know that you spend a good portion of your time asking, “Why did I do that?”  Or, “Why didn’t I do that?  How did I let this happen when I saw it coming?”

It’s like being stripped naked.  Fully exposed.  There’s nowhere to hide the fact that it happened and there’s no place to run.

It forces you to either accept where you are or it pushes you towards despair and depression and into a death-like spiral from which you may never pull out.

From personal experience, the only choice you have is acceptance. 

But what’s so great about acceptance?  

“Why do I have to accept the place I’ve fallen to?”

It’s not accepting the place you’ve fallen to but it is accepting the fact that you’re there.  

Life dealt the hand. You played it.  And that’s it.  Now forget about the reasons.  Life has become a do-over.

Of course, that’s easy to write and easy to say.  But when you’re in the throes of a “do over,” it’s near impossible to see the light snaking through the debris.

The key to seeing the light is acceptance.  Acceptance gives you a starting point.  A baseline.  It stops the reel of hindsight from playing over and over again.  It begins to remove bias from your thinking.  It begins to illuminate ways to battle back.  Simply, you need to find acceptance.

I found acceptance alongside the path to faith.  And, I think that most experience the same.

It’s having faith that something better will come of the situation even though at the moment you don’t see how.

Faith is not a momentary rush of can-do adrenaline or the statement you make to your mother that you have faith things will work out.

It’s a faith that goes much deeper and grabs hold of your gut.  There’s no maybe in faith.  

I’ve found that faith cements a connection between your inner and spiritual self.  It’s driven by a faith in the God, faith in spirituality, or faith in the universe that their energy will be extended to you and make all things possible.

Faith doesn’t seek the answer as to why it happened.   It just is.  Faith provides solace to the just is.  Faith can lead you to accept the just is.

With acceptance,  your mind is no longer buzzing with the emotional chatter and noise that hindsight, blame, and self-victimization bring.  Your thinking clears and turns static-free.  You become open to possibilities that will lead you to a better place.

Faith and acceptance most often come through meditation and meditative prayer.

Meditation can be a vital cog in the process because you spend time practicing the art of quieting your mind and focusing on what you are thinking and feeling right at that moment.

Through meditation, you practice letting negative thoughts such as blame and fear slip away.   Your focus turns towards visualizing where you need to go and what has to occur to make it all happen.

In meditation, you begin asking God or the universe for guidance and direction.   And you imagine things beginning to happen.   You imagine yourself in that new place.

That may sound like a lot of bunk to the unfamiliar, but if practiced on a daily basis, you will be surprised at how strongly connected and how aware you become of your inner self and your newly discovered energy source.

You become more aware of what is happening around you. Your karma turns from negative to positive.  And, that’s when others begin reaching out, offering advice, and helping you along the journey to get back   And coincidences begin happening on a regular basis.

I know there are those who snicker at meditation.  “How does that turn your financial situation around?” 

meditation looks more like an excuse to escape reality than a solution to a dire situation.

But they are missing the point.   

When you have creditors calling with threats to garnish whatever property you own, you begin vacillating between panic and punching your hand through a wall.

It’s easy to return to the blame game and then ‘woe is me.’ Your mind goes into hyperactive mode.  You can’t focus your thoughts. Your heart starts beating faster and your breaths turn shallow.

Then someone hands you a book and says, “Read this.  It’s a great book and it will help get you on track.”

You take the book but you can’t get past page one.  If you did, you forgot what you read on the previous page.

Meditation helps get all that under control.  The quiet mind effects of meditation make it possible to read a book.  It deadens the noise and you’re able to focus on what’s in front of you.

You’ll be able to take a breath.  And, most of all, you’ll be able to discuss with others your search for a new life purpose and plan and not feel stressed.  It just is.  

You’ve arrived at a state of acceptance through faith.

I experienced this turnaround process in my own personal challenges (read here and here) that I went through in the 1970’s, 1980’s, and today.

Over the years, I’ve read authors from Norman Vincent Peale to Wayne Dyer, Herman Hesse and Deepak Chopra to Eckhart Tolle and Dietrich Bonhoeffer to the Bible.

When I compressed all their writing and teachings, I arrived at acceptance and faith as the keystones to moving forward. And moving forward you must.

But you can’t move ahead, sitting in a lotus position.  It requires devising a plan and taking the first action steps. You begin by talking with people, reading books, thinking about and investigating new ideas, and following up on the best ones.

However, it all takes time.  And while you’re planning, thinking, and holding the door shut on the death spiral, you’re stuck in a trough.  Scraping along bump over the next bump.

I’ve found that moving through the low points always took longer than I thought I could endure.

  Stuff I wished would stop coming at me wouldn’t.   that’s when I needed to focus even more.  

getting through The trough required both patience and a shot of diligence.

You keep the connection.  You maintain faith.  You embrace acceptance.  

You keep taking action to move forward. Others may ask how you’re getting through it.  You remain positive and keep taking the next step until you climb out of the trough and you’re moving down a new path.

You keep the connection.  You maintain faith.  You embrace acceptance.

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