It’s astonishing to find the number of books and memoirs that promote the path to financial wealth is to be found through the development of faith.  Faith found through a religion or through the practice of meditative prayer.  

I bet if you took a poll at the next coffee shop you visit, I wouldn’t be surprised if you found that one out of three customers were the best-selling authors.  These would be writers that described how they overcame an addiction, bankruptcy, business failure or a directionless life to achieve financial success.  

Wow — no wonder there’s a coffee shop on every corner these days.  There are thousands of these people.

Obviously, I’m exaggerating and being sarcastic.  But it sure does seem that way. 

So where does my writing fit into the picture?   

Well, I do like coffee shops.  But I don’t claim that you’ll find a pot of gold by professing faith.  And, I don’t claim to be such a financial success that I can stop working.   

And, despite the lack of a multi-million dollar savings account, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter. 

I’m here to tell you to take all those bestsellers you bought about finding the purposeful life that leads to financial success and toss them in the trash. 

The real story about life is faith

Faith is what will help you beat addiction, overcome a business failure, and survive the loss of a loved one.   

But faith has become misconstrued.  And the rewards for having faith, abundance,  have become twisted.

I used to think that seeking abundance in your life meant happiness, love, joy, peace, and health.   According to the bestseller list, abundance has been narrowed to financial wealth.

If you measured your success by bringing abundance into your bank account, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll never think that you have enough.

Only the top 2% of earners can afford to stop thinking about money.  That’s not to say that you can’t be in the top 2%, but it should not be the purpose of seeking faith. 

And that’s where the world has gone wrong. 

If your focus was the abundance that money can bring, two things will happen: 

(1) You’d lose sight of your life’s true purpose and be blinded from finding it;

(2) As you grew older you’d stand a good chance of living in hindsight because chances are you’d be trying to figure out why you’re not in that top 2% or in the top 10% or 20%; 

You don’t want to live in the world of hindsight. 

You want to be living here, in the Now.  In order to do that, you need faith.

Faith that your focus on the present will affect all the tomorrows and that what will happen tomorrow does not affect today.

Faith that you are not alone in this world.

Faith that your life on earth has a purpose.

Faith that you can live an abundant life.

Faith that you carry the source for abundance within yourself for it does not lie any place else.  

I found that many people think they have faith. But the problem is that they interchangeably use the word ‘belief’ in place of ‘faith.’  

A belief is something that you hold in your mind.  A belief is something that you try to defend. 

Beliefs are usually learned through culture and from your religion, and over time become so embedded in your mind that they become accepted as faith. 

The difference from faith is that beliefs can be proved right or wrong.   

You believe in the God until you think your prayers aren’t answered and you find yourself in a worse situation.  Your faith wasn’t faith, after all, you think.  It’s become clear that it was a set of learned beliefs that appear not to be true.

When belief bleeds away, fear often replaces it.

But for those who hang on, accept, and remain steadfast that there must be more than the suffering,  come to discover faith.   

Faith is not passing judgment as what should have happened.  It’s not trying to analyze the negative.

Faith is not dependent on a belief.

Faith is surrendering to that connection with the Divine.

Faith appears through acceptance of not knowing why while knowing that you will come to know.

Faith dissipates fear.

Did I always have faith?   The simple answer is no.  

The accurate answer is that I’ve had faith at different periods in my life and then I would let it slip away.    It slipped when life was going well.  When I had both abundance and no financial worries.   It’s hard to remember faith during those times.

But whenever I slipped,  it was only a matter of time before I came searching for it once again.  I’ve found that you need faith just as much when you think you don’t.

When you lose faith, you lose the chance to both find and hold onto peace, love, joy, happiness, appreciation, empathy, and compassion.  You lose abundance. 

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