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Letting Whatever Happens Be Okay.



Gaining control over an anxiety disorder, Depression, and fear can be the biggest challenge life throws your way.  

Life changes such as job loss, business failure, divorce or an impending failure on the horizon, often set in motion thoughts that you won’t survive it.   

You have difficulty knowing where to turn for help.  

You begin to doubt whether you can start over and whether your life will ever be the same.  

Everything you try makes your situation worse.

Maybe you’ve battled an anxiety disorder for most of your life and you can’t seem to put into practice what you learned in therapy.   The challenge has prevented you from living the desired life you want and from pursuing your passion.

It’s often the fear of failing a second or third time that holds you back.  You’re convinced that you can’t meet the expectations from those around you.

It leads to embarrassment and a feeling that you’re not good enough.  

This kind of fear is quite common and it’s what forces you to sit back and let life pass because it seems safer.

This kind of fear leads to high anxiety and depression.

In reality,  it’s not the safe route.  

I know because I’ve been there.  

I lived a thirty-year journey with half those years spent being controlled by anxiety and the other half spent working to free myself.

I don’t write “rah-rah” motivational articles urging you to “get up and just do it.”  I don’t write daily 500-word blog posts reiterating what you’ve already read elsewhere a hundred times.  

I write with an authentic frame of reference through which to discuss risk-taking and anxiety, the fear of giving up coping mechanisms, the science of faith, the power of spirituality, and the role of God and religion in controlling our fears.

I believe that you carry within yourself the potential for a special connection to a higher source.   And it’s through that connection that you will find the strength and courage to rise again.

That source could be God or Allah, Jesus Christ or Guru Granth Sahib,  Buddha or Confucius.  It could be the Universe, it could be spiritual, or it could be a mix of a few.

But the message is the same: you hold the source for courage and you hold the source for inner resolve.  It’s a matter of connecting with it.

You connect through faith.  Faith is an acceptance that you may not know why something is the way that it is, it just is.  

Faith comes when you are able to put aside external expectations of tradition and authority and surrender to an unwavering connection with a powerful source that guides you to the Now.

The Now is today.  This moment.  It is not tomorrow or next week.     

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